Things to avoid

The following is a list of some of the things that you should avoid doing as they do not support young people with communication needs.

  • Do not interrupt or finish a young person’s sentences for them
  • Do not use complicated or complex words - if this is unavoidable then make sure you explain what it means in their words
  • Do not talk about events in an order out of sequence to how they actually happened
  • Do not expect young people to sit at tables to work for a long time
  • Do not assume someone understands what you are talking about, even if they say that they do
  • Do not assume young people can read and write
  • Do not correct a young person’s language for them
  • Do not forget that they may experience mental overload and ‘shut down’
  • Do not go on too long - allow breaks of at least 10 minutes for 50 minutes of proceedings
  • Do not rush a young person - allow time for speaking and reading responses